Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chris Fissell.

Tricky footed New Deal amateur and then Mad Circle pro. Poor guy probably catches a lot of crap for doing all sorts of pressure and late flips. I remember liking his part in 1281 for the innovation.

Thrasher - March 1992 Volume 12 Number 3


Astrolab Studios said...

Wow, Chris Fissel! I remember being stoked on that dude and Chris Hall in 1281 also.
Back foot flip on a 9.5" deck. Man, those were the days.

natenola said...

dudes a Preacher something now, he was a big jesus freak. He wore a bunch of shirts in Da Deal is Dead that had JCL and other Jesus references on them.
He lived in Baton Rouge cuz he was going to Jimmy Swaggart bible college, he used to skate up there with Sal Barbier in the pre H-Street days

Keith said...

I had a Mad Circle Fissell Jesus Fish board. Then later that summer, I had a Rene Mathesson board with young green Daffy Duck on it. Same shape.

Anonymous said...

This is chris Fissel looking around on the web. Any one have any questions?

Anonymous said...

Chris, do you remember me from high school?

-jim or josh

Tristenburris said...

I went to school with Chris Fissel at Colton High he was cool and showed a bunch of Hicks that skating was cool. before he showed up they smashed my McGill and hated skaters. He was down with JC and that was cool too.