Friday, April 23, 2010

Mark Gonzales #7.

"I will not celebrate meaningless milestones." - Bart Simpson

This is the 500th post on Vert Is Dead. I figured I'd use one of my favorite Gonz interviews for today. I'd really like to see the video Mark talked about making with him filming just Ed Templeton skating turned into reality.

Thanks, everybody.

The photos and interview are by Thomas Campbell.

Transworld - February 1993 Volume 11 Number 2


smorales said...

hurray for 500. Thomas Campbell has a surf film in a surf themed art show that's at my school right now.

chops said...

one of my favorite gonz pieces.

congrats on 500!

Keith said...


I was psyched on that interview when it came out. It's sad to compare how awesome Blind was back then compared to how it is now. Creager is awesome but the Reaper is just blah.

Not sure how many of you know this but Gonz was originally in Questionable doing a foot plant over the pyramid at Powell and he was pissed to be in a Rocco affiliated film and asked to be removed. I have the footage at my moms place, I think.

Anonymous said...

Only found you recently. Congrats on 500. Must be really hard to keep up a blog, my friend tried it once and it didn't last long. That interview is amazing. I printed it and am going to put it on the back of the toilet door at work so the other people here can learn about why skateboarding is better than most other things.


Justin said...

Did the Gonz footplant wind up in the Birdhouse Feasters video during Jeremy Klein's part?

Keith said...

This could be it in Feasters but iirc it's a different angle.