Monday, June 21, 2010

Mark Gonzales #8.

The Gonz with a big ollie impossible.

Everything this week is something that used to be hanging on my bedroom wall back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. A lot of these were the backsides to posters and there will be some tape damage. Normally, I clean things like that up in Photoshop, but for these I feel it adds something to the scans, like a used skateboard versus a new one.

Transworld made a book of posters in 1991 that featured the Gonz, Tony Hawk, Omar Hassan and Matt Hensley. The back of each poster had some information on the skater and a sequence of them doing a trick. This was the back to Mark's poster. The other side was him doing an ollie over one of those traffic barriers wearing the same Dork shirt as in this sequence.

Spike Jonze took the photos.


Keith said...

sick sequence! Don't think I ever saw that one before.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Chris Branagh have an sequence doing an impossible from curb cut to curb cut? And it said something about replacing "old" pros with an 11-year-old? If it's how I recall, I thought it was a shot at Mike V. leaving World. BUt seeing this, makes me wonder.

--Rikku Markka

Starts with one said...

I still have that issue..posters intact.

Anonymous said...

Etnies Natas', my fave shoe the time

Justin said...

I want to say the Branagh ad had a quote along the lines of the only thing worse than an 11 year old brat is an 11 year old brat that skates better than you. I believe that he was doing an impossible, it might have been on a bank. I'm thinking it was a rip on Vallely.

I'll have to check out the time line to see when the Branagh ad came out. There was also the 16 step plan ad that was a direct shot at Mike.

I think Mike left World before Gonz did, although both left at nearly the same time. I don't recall Rocco ever having any ads that dissed the Gonz. Some people might be off limits, even to him.

Puckman said...

I had the other Gonz poster on my bedroom wall. thinking rummaging through my parents entire house to see what transworlds are left

BICKFORD said...

i have that dork shirt. mine is a medium instead of xl like mark is wearing.