Friday, June 4, 2010

World Industries Catalog #4.

Time to close out the week with the last quarter of the catalog.

First off is the Blind page. Blind 1991 > Blind 2010.

Then there's the first batch of Plan B boards. These don't strike me as all that impressive in terms of graphics, but the skaters sure are still impressive.

The back cover is Gabriel Rodiguez versus the Crusher, which would be his next board graphic.

Sometime in early 1992 World Industries made a second catalog called World Pigbait. It picks up where this one left off and has a better line of Plan B graphics, along with the underrated Blind Racing Team series. I have it all scanned in and I'm saving it for a rainy week.


smorales said...

those blind boards look fun to ride.

Lucas said...

Good week. I had a Blind Racing Team board:

Keith said...

curb feelers lol