Thursday, June 3, 2010

World Industries Catalog #3.

This is the second half of the 101 ad that Transworld wasn't thrilled with. After multiple sequences of trying the trick repeatedly and failing, it was implied that Gabe gave up on everything. The rejection of the ad was one of the factors that led Rocco to start Big Brother in 1992. I sort of think that this catalog was kind of test run in publication because it is printed on nice, glossy paper and contains a small amount of random dumb stuff that Big Brother would focus on.

One of the things that World Industries was famous for was using rip off graphics. They got lots of cease and desist letters, some of which would wind up in ads. World was also famous for pushing the boundaries of good taste, as is illustrated with a few of the decks shown here. Of course the kids, myself included, loved this shit.

The kids breakfast cereal review page is pure Big Brother. Marc McKee, Sean Cliver and whoever else picked out all the unhealthy cereals and did a Consumer Reports style write up on them. I remember eating Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal.

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Keith said...

I had two boards from the discontinued products page... Rudy abortion and Natas Bunny+Trap. I was really sensitive to board kicks back then. When I flicked my tail for an ollie or whatever, I needed it to contact the ground a certain way. I hated "slow poppers"... it made everything feel too heavy and too much effort. That Natas Bunny was a heavy one. Only rode it a few days and sold it afterwards. Once boards became more symetrical, "slow poppers" never really happened anymore.