Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chet Childress.

Old Ludacrooks back in the Acme days.
Can I get a nollie heelflip?

Geoff Kula snapped the pics.

Transworld - December 1994 Volume 12 Number 12


Anonymous said...

I gotta say I haven't seen Chet skating vert in a long time. And by that I mean fully padded up and skating vert. For the longest it's been him in concrete parks, which I don't mind 'cuz I love that too. But I would like to see him on the ramp just like the Creature dudes in Hesh Law and in their recent video clip on strangenotes in Minnesota. The thing I liked most about the vert section in Hesh Law is that they didn't try to get crazy tech like Danny or Colin. They just kept it simple and it had a real cool feel of just homies on a ramp. Just like you might do: a real chill session, hanging out, music going, and if someone learns something, you give 'em a "Hell Yeah!" and high five. You ain't trying to do some trick that takes you all day.

-Rikku Marrka

Justin said...

I like the park stuff, too, but you have a good point about the vert skating. I think that's why I like watching the vert parts in the Creature videos more than the latest street kids these days. Nothing against the kids because a lot of them are doing cool stuff. It feels like too much to keep up, depending on how much free time I have at work. I'd rather just watch Navs, Parts and Max fly around.

It's the reverse vert button.

Old School Sammy said...

I have long likened Street skating vs. Vert and Tranny skating the same way I liken Rap vs. Rock/Punk. One (rap/street "bangers") has the more "bangin" staccato feeling, not really flowing freely, where with Rock/Punk, there's more flow and rhythm to it, it's more than just "one and done" with tricks. You can watch a vert or park part, or even ride one yourself and hit off a bag of tricks, where with street it's more "bang, pow, bang." Like a rap song.