Friday, July 9, 2010

Dave Aaron.

There was a request for some Brain Floss that I'm happy to honor.

Brain Floss was started in late 1993 by Transworld to showcase skateboarders and their art. The first had Steve Berra, Kris Markovich, Laban Pheidias and Ed Templeton. Usually the two page spreads aren't just reserved for pros, but rather artists who skateboard. Sometimes this includes artists for companies, too. Andy Jenkins and Ron Cameron have both had one.

Thrasher was quick to add their own version of Brain Floss called Canvas.

For as simple and as almost dumb as it looks, I really want the B-Ball All Stars board Dave is riding. I'd hang that on my wall for sure.

The article is by Thomas Campbell.

Transworld - November 1994 Volume 12 Number 11

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Anonymous said...

Thank you- Looking forward to these!

Mark Sound