Monday, October 25, 2010

Barker Barrett #2.

It's Creature Week!

Creature was started in 1995 by Russ Rope and was backed by NHS. Pope wanted to do something different than what other skateboard companies were doing and went with a vintage horror and monster theme. Interestingly enough, he set up his own distribution instead of using what NHS had already established. Eventually, there were a few differences of opinion and Pope left to start Scarecrow with some of the same riders. NHS kept Creature going at that point and added some new riders.

The original team consisted of Jason Adams, Barker Barrett, Darren Navarrette, Dorian Tucker and Ronnie Marshall. This is the second ad for the company. The first was with Jason Adams.

For the background: Strength - February 2003 Volume 8 Number 2

Thrasher - May 1995 Volume 15 Number 5


Lucas said...

You should really do Metropolitan week.

Anonymous said...

Barker is up there with Chad Vogt on the transition skating

Justin said...

The short answer is that a Metropolitan week is a good idea.

The long answer is that it has sort of been done already. Between me, Chrome Ball and Police Informer, I think that most of their ads are online. I haven't checked this out too closely, but I'm fairly sure the company is well covered on the internet. They weren't around that long to begin with, although I haven't gone over their time line for specific dates. I will look over things and see what has been online versus what hasn't. If there are enough ads that aren't online, then I'll put something together.

Also Crazy Eddie rode for Creature.