Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Josh Beagle #8.

Shake Junt! Oh, wait, that's somebody else. How about the good times are killing me? Better yet, duty for the future now. Yeah, that's what I meant.

Atiba Jefferson took the photo.

Transworld - December 1995 Volume 13 Number 12


smorales said...

duty now for the future is pretty good. How about art bars?

Anonymous said...

I remember in an old 411 an ad for foundation and it says something like "Josh Beagle hates to use the stairs" and he does a bunch of tricks on this one rail. I thought it was super rad.

Also what exactly is shake junt. Is it a wax company?


Anonymous said...

Tully Carlton?

justin said...

Whoops. That should have been Duty Now for the Future. Art Bars is a good one.

Shake Junt is Shane Heyl's company. It's backed by Baker/Deathwish. They make shirts and wax. Probably griptape, too. I think Heyl has done some filming and made a video or two. I'm not really into what they are doing per se, but I'm glad they are around to keep things interesting. There was a 15 thing about them in a recent issue of Skateboarder.

Keith said...

night photo week at ViD?

Shake Junt lol Pretty safe to say I'll never purchase anything from that company, nor Baker or Deathwish.