Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mathias Ringström.

Sometimes I like things that look very European.

Evol was started by Tony Magnusson after the demise of H-Street. They also made footwear. This eventually led to Osiris.

Mathias would go on to ride for World Industries and Osiris. His part in the Storm saw him doing technical tricks on vert that mimicked what the rest of the team was doing on the street. I thought his front foot impossibles were cool.

Note: There was company information along the left side of the ad that I cropped off because it was eaten up by where the pages joined together.

Niko Achtipes was the camera man.

Transworld - December 1995 Volume 13 Number 12


Olof said...
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Anonymous said...

The name is "Ringström", not "Ringtröm".

Anonymous said...

jesus saves twice on coupon days

Justin said...

Dammit, I hate when I make typos. It's fixed now. Give me a little credit for putting the dots over the o at least.

Olof - You're welcome. That's great advice. I always tell little kids who are learning to worry about being able to roll fast and smoothly before getting into all the tricks.