Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dave Mayhew.

Tyrone Olson's homie.

Dave rode for Maple, A - Team and enjoi before injuries forced him to retire from being a professional skateboarder. He was also on Pig Wheels and had a good part in the All Systems Go video. He was on Direction Wheels before Pig. Dave had a solid and easy on the eyes style when he was doing the more technical tricks. Bolts.

Other than maybe Peter Smolik, nobody cashed in on the glory years of the Storm like Dave did with his D3 pro model on Osiris. However, Smolik does admit to having partied away his financial gains. Let that be a lesson to the kids: save your money.

What's going on at the Black Label?

Ed Dominick took the photos.

Transworld - February 1997 Volume 15 Number 2

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