Friday, March 18, 2011

Javier Mendizabal.

"In downtown Algorta, we ran into Javier Mendizabal who destroyed this ledge with frontside nosegrinds and noselsides, backside 180 nosegrinds and a sweet frontside noseblunt to finish off. Check the old Grigley t-shirt"

A thirteen year old photo of Javier rocking a John Grigley shirt from the 1980s? That's like skate blog gold.

Javier is one of my favorite pros. Everything he does is so stylish and effortless looking.

To answer any lingering questions from yesterday, Gonz was doing a frontside bluntslide down a handrail as seen in Real's Kicked Out Of Everywhere video.

The photo is by Mike O'Meally. This is one of those rare times I edited out the caption with Photoshop.

Slap - December 1997 Volume 6 Number 12

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