Thursday, March 22, 2012

Justin Roy.

Justin was an am for Foundation with solid parts in Art Bars and The Good Times Are Killing Me videos. He turned pro when he switched over to Kris Markovich's Hollywood. I believe he was on Hellrose after that. That company did happen, right? I'm not just making it up, am I? I know that was the name of the crew they had with Don Nguyen, Richie Belton, DJ Chavez and a few others. I believe Hellrose was backed by Syndrome. Since I'm going through the stacks chronologically, I'm piecing skateboard history together in the order that it happened and I've only barely touched 2002.

Transworld - June 2001 Volume 19 Number 6

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Anonymous said...

Do he work for Baker now? Kickflip back lip in art bars was sick