Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pat Duffy.

This is for whoever keeps searching for a Pyro Shoes ad with Pat Duffy and winding up here. Now you can see what you were looking for.

I'd like to apologize to Pat that your first appearance on Vert Is Dead is for this lame company. Pyro was a fly by night shoe outfit that did not last long in 2001. Pancho Moler was the other team rider.

Transworld - May 2001 Volume 19 Number 5


Keith said...


I suppose for that time, it's not a bad looking shoe. He's made some really weird shoe company decisions!

Skately said...

Remember for a while there almost every Adio style had that thick rubber toe cap thing going on. Kind of a weird time for shoes.

I think Tim McKenney was on Pyro as well.

justin said...

Tim was. I didn't remember until later this morning. I think Pyro might have been around in 2000, too. Their first ads were alternating between Pancho and McKenney.

Anonymous said...

pat looks sick in that photo. something about black shoes, midly baggy jeans, heather gray, and a fitted hat that takes you back to a very specific time period. no matter what shoes, pats photos were always sick. esp the plan b lifestyle stuff. psyched on this photo and the ad itself. people gonna hate on the vulcanized thing in 10 years?