Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ben Liversedge #3.

ATM came out with a board series in the mid 1990s based on the famous art Derek Riggs did for Iron Maiden. I always wondered if this was a rip off series or if they had permission to use the graphics. The internet isn't turning up much info, but it seems like the graphics might have been authorized if assorted Iron Maiden merch sites can be believed.

Ben was on Real before switching to ATM. He also has ridden for Infamous and 777.

Theo Hand took the photo.

Slap - June 1997 Volume 6 Number 6



from what i had heard they just used the art first then got a call and from there people and they wanted decks. they kept running more until later they were told no more and had to pay up. i believe i am only missing 1 ATM / IRON MAIDEN deck, Ben Liversedge flight of icarus. from what i remember Danny Sargent is the fist to do a IRON MAIDEN graphic back on new deal with the killers graphic. i have seen a few others out there as well these days. here is what i have

Justin said...

That makes a little more sense. I didn't exactly think these boards were made on the up and up. Today they would just go for the collab.

I'm pretty sure Sarge was the first, too. I think that board would have been from late 91 or 92. I'm surprised nobody else tried to make a Maiden series before ATM.

heavy metal chuck said...

yeah im am pretty shocked as well. MAIDEN art is insane.