Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eric Dressen.

Eric has been skateboarding since the 1970s. He was a talented little kid who was sponsored by Logan Skateboards when he was nine. He resurfaced in the 1980s to completely dominate the streets and mini ramps while riding for Dogtown. Eric won back to back NSA Street Championships in 1987 and 1988. After Dogtown, Eric switched to Santa Cruz. He rode for them for a few years and is currently on the company's Veteran Division. He has also ridden for 151, a reincarnated version of Dogtown, and Deathbox. Eric works as a tattoo artist at Will Rise Studio in Los Angeles.

I'm surprised that Dressen hasn't been on Vert Is Dead before. His part in the Speed Freaks video is one of my favorites. He will be the focus of the next installment of Patrick O'Dell's Epicly Later'd series.

Slap - April 1998 Volume 7 Number 4

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