Thursday, November 7, 2013

Charlie Wilkins #2.

Boston Strong.

Charlie is from Boston. He has ridden for Powell, Maple, and 5boro. He has also been on Etnies and Sheep for footwear. Charlie rips darn near everything. You can scour the YouTube for proof.

The feeble grind photo is by Giovanni Reda. I'm wondering if it could be a Smith since the pavement is looking rough on the approach for a feeble.

Note: Transit ran two page ads in Slap with a lifestyle type picture in one and a skateboard sequence in the other. I didn't realize this until I started putting the week together. The skate photos of Charlie and Stacy Lowery from those ads have already been on Vert Is Dead.

Top: Slap - June 1998 Volume 7 Number 6

Bottom: Transworld - June 1998 Volume 16 Number 6


stephen said...

i remember this guy. he used to rip. seriously. surprised he never made a bigger name for himself. happens to a lot of dudes who are super good. bad sponsor choices i guess?

Anonymous said...

His part in Maples Black Cat was solid

Paul said...

And now he's riding for Lifeblood.

Justin said...

Good to see he is still around and involved in skateboarding.

Keith said...

That lifeblood clips is nice and smooth. Totally forgot about this guy!