Monday, November 11, 2013

Tony Hawk #5.

It's a random week of Tracker. I wanted to use stuff from the mid 1990s, but while I was flipping through the Transworlds, I wound up picking ads from 1991 and 1992.

Tony rode for Tracker for a good portion of his career and earned the first pro model truck. When Fury was started in the late 90s out of the Birdhouse camp, he switched. He was recently on Theeve and now is on Indy.

Tracker always gets ripped on in, but their team back in the day was respectable. Neil Blender, Jeff Phillips, Mike Vallely, Kevin Staab, Omar Hassan, Mike McGill, GSD, and a whole bunch more rode the trucks.

Transworld - December 1991 Volume 9 Number 12


Anonymous said...

Gonz even rode for Tracker. My friend bought the Tracker video "The Brotherhood," because they had a couple of ads with him. No footage whatsoever, though.

--Rikku Markka

stephen said...

Yeah. Tracker had a decent team at one point. Fuck, if you could skate well then I'm sure that a certain set of trucks weren't holding you back too much. What is more impressive to myself is that ad of hawk just ripping that 180 nosegrind on that rail. Most people don't realize that he really got into doing street stuff, maybe just for ads but whatever, but super early on. I remember seeing an ad back in '89? Where he was 180 ollieing the stairs at point pleasant beach high school in New Jersey. Thought it was rad... My stomping grounds at the time. Team brave new world.

Justin said...

I want to say Gonz stuck with Tracker for a while. I think he was still on them when ATM started. Not sure about 60/40.