Thursday, November 14, 2013

Steve Berra #3.

When it's cold I'd like to die.

Steve rode for Blockhead and Tracker before riding for Birdhouse. There were stops at 101 and Television in there as well prior to a long stint on the Foundation, a second tour of duty at Birdhouse and then the Alien Workshop. He transitioned from being a vert guy to a street guy and filmed a bunch of solid parts over the years. Steve also made the in house truck switch from Tracker to Orion in the mid 1990s. Reoccurring ankle injuries have reduced his board time in the last few years.

What's up with the music in the new Zero video? Is that what the kids are listening to on their headphones? Granted I'm watching Cold War in pieces as it gets posted on Thrasher's website so it might not fully make sense, but whatever Jamie Thomas skated to was horrid. I only made it through half his part and shut it off. Sorry.

Spike Jonze took the photos.

Transworld - September 1992 Volume 10 Number 9


Anonymous said...

i'd like to like this guy but i just can't. i know he was rad back in the day but he's so full of his own drama and stuck in some wierd 90's alternative vibe. my own private idaho style.

Anonymous said...

Having been involved in skating since the mid 80's, I have seen countless skateboard douchebags in my time. If only he skated as big as he douched. I am not saying Berra is the biggest, but he may well be. His cunnyness is massive.

First time caller, first time listener. Nice site, keep it up.