Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jon Miner.

Stay gold.

Tell me your name, age and where you live.

Jonathan Minor, sixteen, Santa Rosa, California.

When did you start skating?

In fifth grade I saw a whole bunch of kids skating this launch ramp and got a board for Christmas and I've just been skating ever since.

Who are your sponsors?

New School sends me boards. They're pretty cool.

What's the best thing about skateboarding?

I just love going fast and doing tricks solid.

What do you like to skate?

Curbs, big blocks and steps, just the usual.

What spot do you frequent?

Santa Rosas Junior High. That's where I hang out. I just got back from Albuquerque and that was really rad.

What's your goal in skating?

I don't really have any goal. I'm just doing it right now for fun. I'm not planning on going anywhere or anything.

Who do you skate with?

Joel Price, Brent, Jesse and a bunch of kids that hang out in Santa Rosa.

Any shout outs?

Hi to my dad in Arizona, Charlie Watts in Albuquerque, my friends John and Justin in jail, and all my friends around Santa Rosa and Troy in Salt Lake City.


I'm going to do a New School week at some point.

Sean Dolinsky took the photo.

For the check out: Thrasher - January 1994 Volume 14 Number 1

Transworld - January 1995 Volume 13 Number 1


Anonymous said...

For New School week don't forget Hondo Soto.

--Rikku Markka

Justin said...

He's one of the names on the list. I need to rewatch their one video from 1994 or 95 over the weekend to prepare for this.

Bill said...

My first sponsor was New School. Mario Rubalcaba saw my sponser me tape and got me on. The boards they sent me were horrible though. I think they were just old Alva boards reshaped. The wood was sooo thick. Someone told me the owner would send the riders defective and old stuff. I rode for them for about six months until the team manager quit and went to Poorhouse. This was right after Josh Swindell quit and went to think. I went with him and got three packages until they went out of business. Thus ending my short skateboarding career.