Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mike Daher #3.

"I don't mean to downplay the skating in Mike Daher's part. There's a reason that it's my favorite and I'll try to explain why. It's accessible. He's not kickflipping down shin-splinting gaps, navigating nut-shattering rails or doing noseslides on the blades of a moving helicopter, but there's a refined elegance in his street stylings that was really refreshing when the video came out. A Visual Sound was released on the heels of the tech-obsessed pressure-flip ere of the early '90s. I won't wax on too long about that time in skateboarding; I'll just say that it got to the point where there was very little actual skateboarding involved in the pastime. It was mainly half pushes and bails. But like any trend, a breaking point is reached and the ball starts to swing back the other way." - Michael Sieben

I watched Mike's part from A Visual Sound last night along with Collin Provost and Brandon Westgate's parts from Made. The weather has been mixed lately so I haven't gotten to skateboard much, but I did get to roll around last night. I feel better about doing this website on days after I ride. How long is it supposed to take to break in new shoes, anyway?

For the quote: Thrasher - November 2013 Volume 33 Number 11

Slap - September 1995 Volume 4 Number 9


Bill said...

New shoes are the worst. I tried the new Spitfire f4s this week and I am stoked!

Justin said...

I don't think I made a good footwear choice. I'm also dealing with an old board with worn out grip. I set up a new deck yesterday so I'll see if that helps.