Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rick Charnoski.

Creeping Death.

Since Metallica's James Hetfield rode a skateboard when his contract allowed him and Pushead was doing the graphics for both Zorlac and Metallica, a series of decks for the band was inevitable. The popularity of Metallica among skateboarders in the 1980s also helped moved some boards. There were a variety of Metallica graphics and shapes in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Rick currently works with Buddy Nichols for Six Stair Productions. The two have made a number of skateboard films, including Fruit of the Vine, Deathbowl to Downtown, Tent City, and Jeff Grosso's Love Letters to Skateboarding.

Might this be the first street pirate reference, long before Fourstar developed their own version?

Thrasher - September 1990 Volume 10 Number 9


nonickname said...

10x32 street board...how did we ride those old planks? I'm in my 40's and can't seem to get kickflips back on a 8.25 these days. Thanks again for the awesome site.

Bill said...

My fourth skateboard ever was a Zorlac Metallica. I remember the edges were not rounded on it and the tail was flat. It was a little harder for me to skate than my previous boards. That is when I started to not care about graphics but concave and shapes. Spending $50 on a deck back in 1988 was no joke. I sold my bike to pay for it!

Unknown said...

I saved all my birthday money to get a Zorlac Shrunken Head, one of the worst boards I have ever skated. It was so heavy, the concave was horrible and it had a really dead waterlogged feel. I ended up selling to some kid for almost as much as I paid for it, I got really lucky.