Friday, March 13, 2015

Alex Chalmers.

Let's go get Cokes.

Alex is an excessive soda drinker from Vancouver, British Columbia. He shredded around assorted parks and hit up the streets for his part in Sorry while skating to The Faction. He also was working as a movie stuntman at the time. I'm guessing he is still skating and being a stuntman. Other past sponsors have included Hawk Shoes by Adio, Sessions, and Este.

I don't like to mention the future for this site when I'm in the middle of something, but Gimmick Week II: The Late 1990s is shaping up nicely.

The action photo is by Rick Kosick.

Cokes: Thrasher - November 2002 Volume 22 Number 11

Frontside 180: Big Brother - December 2001 Number 79


Ben said...

I have another idea. What about forgotten Hosoi companies from the early nineties. I can think of MSG, Focus, and Tuff Skates.

Justin said...

When I was doing Sixty Forty week, it occurred to me that I should do a week of Milk. I think Focus was the last one before Hosoi had all of his legal troubles. There's at least one Tuff Skates ad on here some place. I want to do more of Team Hosoi, but that will probably be held off until December.

Justin said...

I think there was also Sk8 Culture. That might have been right after Tuff Skates.