Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rune Glifberg #4.

Oververt and no pads.

Rune is from Copenhagen, Denmark. Rune and Andy Scott made up the vert half of the original Flip team. He's basically street skating on the big ramps and does a lot of flip tricks without grabbing. Unlike some of the vert guys with their elaborate ramp setups, Rune sticks to the more traditional halfpipes, pools, and parks. What he is doing feels like a more refined form of progression instead of stuntman work. His part in Sorry was really good and might be the best section from the video. Rune is also still going at the age of forty and recently had a part for the Berrics where he tore up his local park in Fælledparken.

Speaking of the Skateboard Mag, the new issue has full paragraph captions to go with each skateboarder in a section on hobbies. Baby steps, guys, baby steps. There are sweet photos of Lance Mountain and Max Schaaf.

I pushed around in the street last night for about fifteen minutes. I did the same on Sunday, too. It's feeling good to get back to rolling after the subzero winter we had.

Video grab: Thrasher - July 2002 Volume 22 Number 7

Diakka: Big Brother - January 2002 Number 80


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nonickname said...

I was out in front of my house last night and today (just above freezing but the roads are dry)for about 10 minutes and although I couldn't do a damn thing it felt great. Didn't help that I'm trying out a entirely new set up (8.5 with indy 149's up from my reg 7.75 with 129's) but again nice to get out and just roll around.