Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gino Perez.

Two for Tuesday.

"He lives in Highland Park but says he hates it. As far as his skating goes and not just because he rides for 60/40, I think he has the most unique style in skateboarding today. He has a habit of forgetting which way he skates. In other words, no matter which way he's going, he's always in control. Skaters he looks up to are Eric Koston, Lance Mountain, and Chaonga Mota. Gino Perez - big shouts out to my foes." - Mark Gonzales

The trick list ad is the reason I decided to do a Sixty Forty week to begin with. It seems like an odd thing to do, but at the same time when Gonz is involved with something, the normal rules don't always apply.

Lance Mountain took the switch hardflip photo.

Switch Hardflip: Thrasher - December 1994 Volume 14 Number 12

Performed Daily: Thrasher - September 1995 Volume 15 Number 9

For the Gonz quote: Transworld - November 1994 Volume 12 Number 11


Justin said...

Gino with the Gonz:

stephen said...

This dude was a really unique tech skater. I skated with him a few times after his sixty forty days when he rode for my buddy Marko's company Sugar. Around 2000. Don't think he was getting much coverage then but he was still ripping for sure. Definitely had his own style. Always liked that shared part with the gonz too. Mostly because of the new Gonz footage at the time. Still one of my fav parts of his besides video days.

rnc said...

I remember never knowing which way this guy skated. Even that top ad, I was like, "what is he doing?"