Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cara-Beth Burnside #2.

"I see myself promoting skating to make it a bigger, or in some way, better sport. I'm not out there skating because I want more girls to skate, but if I'm an influence to girl skaters that's cool. When I was younger, Patty Hoffman was doing all these tricks and I said, "Oh my God, that girl is ripping." It was that "if that girl can do it, I can do it" kind of thinking. I would love to see girls skate and get good. Maybe in ten years there will be more girls blowing doors and doing all sorts of rad tricks I've never dreamed of. All I can do is just be out there and skating in contests and demos, having other girls see me, and be cool to them if they come up and talk to me. That's important, too. If anybody wants to come up and talk to you, say a couple things, acknowledge them as a person. I see so many people get turned away."

It looks like the long awaited Vans video will be called Propeller and it premieres next month.

The photo is by Patty Segovia.

For the quote: Thrasher - October 1991 Volume 11 Number 10

Thrasher - August 1999 Volume 19 Number 8

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nonickname said...

as an old man I can honestly say I'm looking forward to a video for the first time in years. old guys like dill and ave, rowley, crockett (sp?) chima etc. should be a fun watch. hopefully some agah sightings too.