Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kyle Berard.

The Cardinal.

Kyle won the Tampa Am in 2000 and then won the Tampa Pro in 2001. He's from Virgina Beach and used to have a skateshop with his dad there. Kyle has ridden for World Industries, Consolidated, and Mike Vallely's Elephant Brand. I think he might have been on Illenium, but I'm not positive on that. These days he has his own skatepark building company called Front Rock Concrete. They specialize in backyard landscapes for skateboarding that combine street and mini ramp type elements. The designs look awesome.

So what exactly happened to everybody who was riding for Elephant? I know Mike has his Street Plant project going with Kristian Svitak and Jason Adams returned to the Black Label. Neil Hendrix was on the team as well. I'm a little curious as to how it ended.

Thrasher - February 2001 Volume 21 Number 2


Justin said...

Kyle's wbesite:

natenola said...

It got sold to Vision, it looked like Jason was gonna run it for a little while then he quit. I'm guessing whoever was in charge at Select sucked or wasn't paying them, it's funy cuz all the ams on there are the exact opposite of the orginal aesthetic, a bunch of crazy double flip skatepark technicians.

Justin said...

That makes sense. I saw they were added to the Select site when I was browsing Schmitt Stix reissues. Too bad Mike couldn't have found a better distributor. Seems like he should know how to pick out a good one by now. He did have a girl on the team, which was good to see. I can never remember her name.

Duncan MacRae said...

I can't help but feel a little cynical when it comes to Mike V and his board sponsors/companies; he probably has the dubious distinction of having had the highest number of board sponsors out of any pro.2nd would probably be Markovich. Unless Street Plant is solely funded by Mike I wouldn't be surprised to see another board change. Still, he still stokes me out.

nonickname said...

you nailed it Duncan, its crazy to think that TV would have been his 4th board company (powell, world, new deal if I remember correctly) and that's early 90's?

Ben said...

mike v board sponsors
powell peralta
world industries
new deal
(had a company in New Jersey for a minute forgot name)
black label
vallely skateboards
by the sword
powell peralta
elephant brand

Justin said...

There was something between Television and Powell 2? Transit was based out of New Jersey, too.

My general opinion of Mike is that he endeared himself to our generation of skateboarders through his video parts so we want to support him. However, for every cool thing he does, he seems to balance it out with something that leaves you at least a little confused. I don't know. I kind of stopped following closely all that he does. You would think that somebody who has been through all the ups and downs he has with sponsors would have figured out how to make things work in a stable fashion by now.

Justin said...

This is what I got for Markovich:

G & S

Mike's got him beat by a couple.

Ben said...

you forgot epic skateboards for Markovich. it was a mid to late eighties company.

Ben said...

Between Television and Powell 2, he moved back to NJ for a bit. He tried to start a company from his parent's house. I had a friend who had one of his boards but can not recall the name. This was around the winter of 1994-95.

Justin said...

I did not know that.

I also forgot Eppic. I even had a scan of one of their ads on here and mentioned Markovich rode for them. I do feel I named every company he was pro for. Maybe.