Monday, November 2, 2015

Reese Forbes #5.

Touch of Grey.

It was going to just be Rasa Libre scans paired with Dead song titles for the week, but then a few things happened in skateboarding.

It appears Geoff Rowley is off Flip. I thought he had moved into position of ownership after they left Blitz Distribution. This is a little surprising since he is kind of the face of the company.

The new issue of Thrasher is out. There's a good interview with Jim Greco that features a guest appearance by Jeremy Klein. Klein also did the interview. Anyway, Greco's current phase seems to be 1990s skate rat and that's working out well for him. He says he rides the same board for three months at a time. That seems like a long time for a pro who does some gnarly tricks.

There's a new Alien Workshop video out that I need to watch.

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for winning the World Series. This makes up for last year. A tip of the hat to the New York Mets on winning the National League Championship.

Thrasher - January 2005 Volume 25 Number 1


nonickname said...

as a lifer Jays fan I say "Boo-urns!". And Rowley off Flip? He moved to the States with them and other than Penny who may or may not still exist, was, to me at least, their face. Crazy news.

Justin said...

Sorry about that. I figured after this season the Jays would have a solid team to be a contender for the next few years, but now with the changes at the top, the future looks a little murky.

I had to check a couple of websites on Geoff leaving because I saw it on Slap first, but it's legit.

Vert Is Dead might get updated at a weird time tomorrow. I'm taking the day off from work and the weather is supposed to be great. I also need to clean my apartment.

nonickname said...

The problem is we'll (Jays) will be fine (hopefully) for a year or two, but AA traded A LOT of our young guys for this run, and I don't see anything coming up, but enough of baseball talk...yes, its unseasonably warm here as well, so going skating after work so matter how tired my kids ran me this Halloween weekend.

nonickname said...

A quick "thanks" to the 20 year old kid who clapped (non-ironically) after I boardslid the small railing at the local park, and thanks again for commenting on the 'nice pop' I got on a switch 180...but kids, please remember when dealing with people over 40 that when you introduce yourself and go to give us a 'fist pump' we may get confused and shake your hand (well fist) by accident...which is just weird for both parties. Oh well, off to see about buying that Thrasher, sounds interesting.

Justin said...

Yeah, they do the fist bump now. It supposedly spreads less germs than a handshake. High fives are big, too. I get so confused on handshakes.