Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ben Gore #2.

Out of the Eye.

Ben has the opening part to Transworld's Riddles in Mathematics video. He puts down some solid backside 50-50s, heelflips, and wallies while skating to one of my favorite songs by Woods. Riddles is a strong video and totally worth checking out if you haven't seen it yet.

State Footwear is a new shoe company run by Kevin Furtado. Kevin used to work at Dekline and decided to start up his own gig after that company came to an end. The team includes Jon Nguyen, Jordan Sanchez, Christian Maalouf, and Kevin Coakley.

RIP Christopher “Big Black” Boykin.

Dave Chami snapped the photos.

Transworld - February 2017 Issue 384

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Rikku Markka said...

That Big Black death shocked me, because I was up late watching Ridiculousness, and the episode had Big Black on it, and at the end of the show it said "we mourn the loss of Chris "Big Black" Boykin. So I went from laughing to "Oh damn! What?!"

--Rikku Markka