Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Nora Vasconcellos.

The Style Council.

Anybody have any requests? I'm not exactly sure what to scan next. I've got newer stuff left yet to finish out the week and then two weeks of Lakai for June. I also spaced out on Friday. Work wasn't busy in the morning and then we got swamped for the afternoon when I figured out what I wanted to update with.

I put new bearings in my old wheels. My board is now maybe too fast and much quieter. I didn't realize how beat my old bearings were.

Transworld - August 2016 Issue 378


Maurice said...

I request anything not California. Nothing against it, I just always liked seeing other places. Early AWS Ohio. Love Park era Philly. NYC, DC, Atlanta, and so on.

Justin said...

Requests noted.

DC, Philadelphia, and Atlanta seem like good places to start.

I really like the early Alien stuff out of Ohio, but I'll need to check to see how much of that has already been on here.

Thanks for the ideas.

nonickname said...

I'd like to add a request for concrete bowls, after seeing the Lizzie A ad you posted earlier it made me think of classic bowls around the world (Vancouver, Europe, Australia) which could branch off from Maurice's request. Thanks.

Maurice said...

Yeah, and I like Footage era G and S, too. Young Pitre, Dyrdek, Heinzman, a very young Willy Santos.
I know a lot of people love the 90s. Myself, I think of Blind jeans and pressure flips. I think the late 80s was my favorite era.

Justin said...

I haven't really posted much stuff from Capital so I'll plan to fill out the last two weeks of June with their ads and other assorted DC things. Probably need to get Chris Hall on here, as I don't think I've ever posted anything from him.

The late 80s/early 90s before pressure flips was a good time period. 92/93 was definitely skateboarding's awkward teenage phase. At this point, I save all the older stuff for December, but I usually put a G & S ad or two up.

Maurice said...

I think in the late 80s, skateboarding was still kind of a punker/weirdo thing. So there were no unwritten rules.
After the Questionable video, when EMB became the hot spot, it became more of a cool guy thing. "You have to dress like this, and skateboard like this, and this is cool, that is not cool..."