Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bobby Worrest #4.

Riddles in Mathematics.

Transworld's Riddles in Mathematics video is a really good flick. It features full parts from Bobby DeKeyzer, Yaje Popson, Leo Valls, Bobby Worrest, Stevie Perez, and Ben Gore. It was filmed by Chris Thiessen in the USA, France, and probably a few other spots. I intended to give each of the riders in it a day, but I had a tough time finding something for everybody so that didn't happen. Bobby puts in the effort to bang out switch and regular 360 flips, crooked grinds, noseslides, and a hefty switch backside tailslide for an ender. Leo's part is great. I dig the backside nollie shifty on flat he does around the halfway mark of his section.

I just noticed yesterday that I've basically written the same post each day for the month.

Transworld - December 2016 Issue 382

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