Monday, March 9, 2009

A-1 Meats Young Riders.

Here you go, Keith.

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I watched Dancing In The Dirt on Friday night. I'm still pissed off that video didn't have Matt Hensley in it. There wasn't a whole lot of intelligence available back then as to who would have parts in videos. I bought it on the assumption that Matt would be in it since he was in the A-1 ad every other month. There was even a teaser at the end promising another video in late 1991 with Matt and all the other riders who weren't in Dancing In The Dirt. Anyway, it wasn't that bad. It was kind of low tech filming and editing, but there was a lot of good skateboarding in it. The soundtrack was nearly all of NOFX's "Ribbed" album and their Fleetwood Mac cover. I took a few notes:

1. A young Jason Dill jumps off a building a few times.
2. A lot of guys were riding the Kris Markovich Dogcatcher board from G & S. I wanted one of those, but he switched to 101 and I never got the deck. I found out about the team change when I tried to order the board.
3. Markovich kills it.
4. Thrasher 'zine reviewer Wez Lundry carves around in a full pipe.
5. Kareem Campbell has a part. It happens at two spots - those step up ledges on the side of the road in San Diego (I think) and a gap spot with a long manual pad in the parking lot. He does a backside 360 off the ledges and a lot of lipslides.
6. George Karr looks like Hyde from That 70's Show. Or I guess it would be the other way around since Dancing In The Dirt came first.
7. Kenny Anderson's brother Kyle rips it up.
8. Leigh Peterson gets blown off by a girl when he tells her what they are filming for. She just laughs at him and walks off.
9. Otis Christian does a smooth backside tailslide on a high curb and a nollie kickflip in super slow motion. His middle name is Glen.
10. Ryan Fabry was pretty damn good, like head and shoulders above nearly everybody else in the video. It's easy to see why Plan B wanted him.

The group photo is by Steve Sherman.
Rich Gustus took the J.D. Gibson curb grinder photo.

Transworld - January 1991 Volume 9 Number 1


Keith said...
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Keith said...

Nice! Carroll and Dill, both super young. And Ben Chibber!

bobjohn said...

How did you endure that snow-core music all the way through Fabre's part? I'm also not sure how Jak Barnett explained to Zorlac why he'd rather be riding A-1 Meats rather than Zombu wheels.

justin said...

I took one for the team. I also didn't fast forward any vert parts either.

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