Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ed Templeton #5.

Yeah, yeah, I know this ad has already been on like every other website there is, but I'm out of stuff to post. I'm going to do some scanning tonight and over the weekend.

Thrasher - August 1990 Volume 10 Number 8


ffej said...

great collection of skate mag scans. nostalgia overload. it was nice to see the tributes to fallen friends jeff phillips and phil shao.

one question: how do you get the quality so good? when i scan mags the image comes out all pixilated (and I'd say oversized). I've tried the de-screener option and it doesn't seem to make the scan any better.

justin said...


I used to work at a newspaper and had to scan in all sorts of shitty submitted photos.

I scan everything at 200 DPI, adjust levels, clean up any blemishes, etc. Then I drop the resolution down to 100 DPI most times. This usually leaves everything looking decent. Sometimes if it is just a picture and/or doesn't clean up very well, I set the DPI to 72, but that can make small text hard to read.

Make sure when you are scanning that any sort of sharpening is turned off. This will only enhance the printing dots. After I get the image all set in Photoshop, sometimes I will use the Despeckle filter or Gaussian Blur to clean up noise, but not very often. Dust and Scratches can help, too. I usually don't use any filters. Dropping the DPI from 200 to 100 is often enough.

Finally, there are some photos that just will not scan well. You have to let those go.

Keith said...

jeez. Didn't know making good scans took so many steps! Makes me appreciate these blogs even more.

Scanning from the old Thrashers with that terrible paper must be tough!

justin said...

It's not as labor intensive as it sounds.

Thrashers aren't as bad as you would think. They've run some sketchy photos that aren't worth bothering with, but for the most part they scan in well. I've had more problems with Transworld actually. There have been a few pictures that look great in the mag, yet look like garbage when scanned.

Anonymous said...

I use the "descreen" function on my scanner. It works especially well for newsprint and sloppy TWS halftones. For two-pagers, I scan both pages and the middle, with the spine in the center, and stitch the three together. It's easier to stitch and no distortion or color shifting.