Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ed Templeton #6.

Salvage was the clothing company done by Zero Two. The idea behind Salvage was to recycle discarded clothes from various institutions. It took thrift store shopping to the next level by giving you the chance to buy shirts from prisons and mental hospitals, if the ads could be believed. I'm fine with buying shirts at thrift stores, but this was just kind of gross.

Zero Two was the vegan shoe company that ran photos of mutilated cows and people wearing Airwalks leaving bloody footprints. Their team had Ed Templeton, Mike Vallely, Brian Lotti and Sean Sheffey. Zero Two didn't last long. I believe they were the backer behind Mike and Ed's short lived Television company. This was before Ed started Toy Machine and Mike went back to Powell.

Thrasher - March 1993 Volume 13 Number 3


Royce said...

Guided thought and realization can be an amazing thing. It is a good thing for the dumb down majority to be reminded or made fully aware of what the result is of their consuming. Helping make the connection loud and clear.

Royce said...

**** in regards to ZERO TWO

justin said...

The Zero Two ads were awful. I have no real problem with the message they were trying to get across or even the initial concept behind how they were trying to convey that message. Their design - photo selection, fonts, graphics, layout - was horrible. I know they were trying to fill the need of the emerging vegan culture at the time and didn't have the resources to crank out some sort of Powell Peralta design masterpiece, but they could have done better.

Karoumy said...

i had a pair of those shoes. i've been vegan since and i thought it was a great idea even though the ads were gross.

they came with extra material that attached to the shoe using Velcro. i would cut out ollie patches with it. great idea but it didn't work well. The material was a course felt and it wore out quickly.

menacetech said...

I'm pretty sure Zero Two was some kind of reincarnation of Vision Street Wear; Brad Dorfman, who owned it, backed Television. But who knows how the fuck Dorfman got Sheffey in 1992, when, as Sal Barbier once said, no one on Plan B "rode for some wacky company."

justin said...

Here is the TV/Television time line:

Ed and Mike start TV - backed by Brad Dorfman
Then they change the brand to Television, which is supported by Dean Christal - the man behind Zero Two and Salvage. That folds and Ed starts Toy Machine, which at first was supported by Dorfman before finding a good home at Tum Yeto.

All of this happened between 1992 and 1994.

Steve Berra brings up that he is still owed money by Christal in his recent Transworld interview.

Note: The TV Guide 'zine has Christal spelled this way whereas the TWS spells it Crystal.

Note 2: I have no clue on how they got Sheffey either. Good point.

Royce said...

Sheffey was really into not eating meat and that movement at the time, and was throughout his plan B days.