Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anthony Van Engelen.

A.V.E. nose grinds the Synagogue rail during the Photosynthesis days. No tats and DC's instead of Vans.

Elwood was Sal's clothing company that went along with Aesthetics. Their clothes were hard to find. Elwood was in some sort of limbo the last few years, yet somehow survived after everybody left for Zoo York. Kenny Anderson has recently brought the brand back into a functional existence. The team has expanded to include John Rattray, Dan Drehobl and Anthony Pappalardo. You now can actually find their clothes and I finally own my first Elwood t - shirt after years of looking. I didn't look very hard, but you know what I mean.

The photo is by Atiba Jefferson.

Big Brother - June 2000 Issue 61


Royce said...
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Dave Davies said...

For some reason Elwood has always really easy to get in New Zealand and Australia. I used to live in a place called Ellwood in Melbourne and everyone there used to wear Ellwood shirts just becuase it was the same name. Thats pretty much the only thing thats good over this side of the world though, decks cost $75us here :(

Anonymous said...

I had a pair of lime green Elwood jeans back in the day.