Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clyde Singleton.

Most of the kids out there probably don't realize Clyde can skateboard pretty damn well. They only know him from his assaults on the English language in Transworld, the Skateboard Mag and maybe Big Brother. I work as a graphic designer and as I was putting together a brochure for an upcoming conference, I got to wondering how Clyde's articles were edited? Did the words just get pasted on the page with the hope that everything was spelled right? Did somebody have to proofread them? How would you tell the difference between a creative misspelling and a flat out typo? I usually have to read them a couple times just to figure out what he is talking about and even then, I'm still left scratching my head most of the time.

Speaking of time, Diakka was a watch company that started up around the same time as Nixon did. The team had Clyde, Chad Muska and Rune Glifberg, plus a young Arto Saari. There was some beef between them and Consolidated. Consolidated ran an ad spoofing a Diakka ad with Chad Muska DJing. Like so many assorted lifestyle start ups, Diakka wasn't around too long. I'm a little surprised Nixon has lasted as long as it has.

I guess it's Aesthetics week on the internet.

Theo Hand was the photographer.

Big Brother - June 2000 Issue 61

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Anonymous said...

Aesthetics - more more more please. Or in the wordz of Ol' Dirrrrty Clyzza - I's b jonzing fo mor pics.