Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kevin Taylor.

I'll probably check out the newest Zoo York video when it is done because of this guy. Taylor rode for Sal Barbier's Aesthetics before Sal took the whole team to Zoo York. In retrospect, that was a bizarre move. Shut down your company, take the whole team to an established brand and go from there. Only it didn't go much of anywhere. Taylor is the only guy still with Zoo.

Big Brother - August 2000 Issue 63


Keith said...

yeah. That was a weird move. Then Sal bailed to manage Plan B.

KT was on H-Street way back in the day. This dude I knew filmed demo footage of KT and Sal. Dude's been around for ages!

smorales said...

all of his most recent coverage is really good. That swfs bigspin, front blunt to pop over some stairs...