Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brandon Biebel.

A young Biebel gets up on one of them rails. He started off on ATM and then switched to Expedition before settling in at Girl. There were also some Circuit Wheels in the mix.

Did Venture ever make a video? I do not think that they did and it got me wondering how many truck company videos there have been. There was Gullwing's Full Power Trip and Tracker cranked out a few - Stacked, The Brotherhood and Hi-8 - but past that I don't recall any others. I don't think I've seen any of those actually. If it stays slow at work, I might do a little searching on YouTube for once.

Thrasher - March 2000 Volume 20 Number 3


natenola said...

there was pretty awful gullwing vid in the 90's with a bunch leftover/poached creager footage, some cool Daewon stuff and i remember Peter Mcbride doing some cool weird maddog the camera stuff that he always did. The rest of the vid had a bunch random planet earth type really boring ams in it. It had a really cool soundtrack though.

justin said...

That's right. Daewon did ride the Wing.

I forgot about Krux. They made some videos that are probably worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Gullwing also made Molecules of Motion, which I think was in someway associated with Mike Ternasky. M of M was made by a company called Waves in Motion, which also made Plan B's Questionable video. It may have been Mike's video production company, but I can't say for sure.

What I can say for sure is that the Tracker video, The Brotherhood, SUCKED BALLS! If you have any TWS mags from 1991 or 1992, you'll see a Tracker ad that had Mark Gonzales in it. It was a grainy, almost out-of-focus black and white pic of Gonz laying down with a board under his head. So at that point (after Video Days), Gonz was riding for Tracker. And based on that ad, people I knew bought the video thinking Gonz would be in it. People wanted more Gonz after Video Days. And wouldn't you know it, Gonz isn't even in the video whatsoever. What you got were mongo footed John Pryor and Laban Pheidias doing double grabs.

-Rikku Markka

Anonymous said...

As for the picture of Beibel, that reminds me of the kickflip he did over that rail in the Transworld video, Feedback.

I remember the little Brandon Biebel from the ATM ad he had in 411VM. The last trick he has in the ad shows him doing a FS shove down a 5 stair, and he shoots out, falls backwards, hits his head and knocks himself out. He said on crailtap, that the injury he sustained from that kept him off his board for almost two years.

-Rikku Markka

justin said...

I checked a couple of skateboard video sites and it looks like Gullwing had three videos. I did find Hensley's part on Full Power Trip at YouTube. I recognized some of it from the photos. He skates that brick bowl thing in NYC.

I remember the Tracker ads with the Gonz. I never checked out the Brotherhood video. In doing the searching this morning I was surprised not to see his name in the list of skates, so that explains that. Lame.

Brad K. said...

I had the Tracker Hi-8 video. I remember it being pretty rough. Most notably was Jeremy Klein's part where he held his landing pose for way too long after every trick. It was my first time seeing him skate and I was never able to like him after that (until I later saw his Rubbish Heap part).

Anonymous said...

Full Power Trip is worth it alone for the Miller & Schroeder at The Turf footage. One of Miller's first tricks is a b/s alley-oop novacaine in the pill bowl with no flatbottom. Sick. - sea cliff vert ramp