Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Marco Saiz.

Marco is the brother of former Powell Peralta pro Steve Saiz. As far as I know he never got heckled at EMB, but it's not like I was there or anything.

I never rode a Vision board. I did acquire a couple of old decks from friends back in the day, but those were too used to bother setting up. I'm sure one of my friends had a Lee Ralph that actually had a kicked up nose for a brief amount of time. This would have been from when companies were starting to experiment with longer noses. I don't recall any of my friends riding Vision boards either. We stuck with Powell and Santa Cruz before H - Street, New Deal and World Industries came into play.

O photos.

Transworld - December 1989 Volume 7 Number 8


Anonymous said...

I totally had this ad up on my wall. That Gonz deck was super cool. It was the first deck that I knew of that had an adjustable wheelbase and a 5 or 5 1/2 inch nose. When I first got it great, but it got soft really quick. I think I ended up cracking it trying to do a blunt on a quarter pipe.

econobeer said...

My first deck with an upturned nose was a Vision Jinx. That was a huge evolutionary step in skating for me. I broke it doing a wheelbarrow off of a ledge so I took off the rails , wrapped duct tape around it, put the rails back on and rode it for another month.

Old School Sammy said...

Econobeer's story illustrates perfectly why skaters are the most resiliant bunch of people on the planet. We need a skater in the White House big time. I'd offer to do it, but if they dug into my past, it might not end well--lol.

Anonymous said...

The boards were ok, the wood around the original Gonz deck were the best as far as strength. I had the sweatpants and double wheelbase deck, they were stiff, but the wood chipped like crazy. Last Vision deck I got was when they went all out and released the double tail deck (which is what all boards are today). The skate shop could NOT sell that thing so it was on final clearance for $29 and I got it 'cause I was broke. It was pretty good and I learned switch 180s before everyone else :)