Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bill Danforth #2.

Danforth in yr face on G & S trucks.

It's another Mouse photo.

Thrasher - September 1989 Volume 9 Number 9


Old School Sammy said...

I always kick a kick when Jamie "Mouse" Mosberg has a photo credit. Back in the old Cherry Hill Skatepark days, he was one of the local sponsored guys (Not sure if he was considered Pro or not, but I am fairly sure he was a Kryptonics AM), and he used to think it was funny as all hell when there were guys shooting pictures around the decks of the park, and he'd do an air (especially in the Egg Bowl) and kick his board in their face (leading usually to flying and/or broken cameras or faces). Man he used to really think that was a knee-slapper! Guess since he grew into a filmer/photo guy he stopped thinking that was cool behavior, at least I hope so.

justin said...

That's funny.

Maybe after he made the BBC Skaters From Uranus video, he had a change of heart and realized the error of his ways.