Thursday, October 1, 2009

Riky Barnes #5.

I got the new Black Label and Tilt Mode videos yesterday. I'm happy that Bonus Round comes with an extra DVD that has the other two Tilt Mode videos on it. I somehow missed out on those when they came out. I haven't watched them yet, but I did watch God Save The Label last night. I thought the pros all had good parts. I skipped over most of the am parts because I was tired and didn't feel like watching somebody I hadn't really heard of.

After fast forwarding through a few parts, I had to wonder if I'm turning into more of a bitter old dude who doesn't want to see the young new whippersnappers. I decided I'm not. For the most part. I just like to give the new ams a chance to put some work in and see who sticks around a while. There's a lot of good skateboarding out there. It's sometimes best to not think about everything.

I did watch Vince Del Valle's part and thought he did a great job.

I also watched the stuff Billy Marks filmed at Steve and Eric's indoor playground the other day. I'm a fan of Billy and thought he had some cool tricks, like the nollie and then the nollie kickflip over the hubba. Must be nice to have access to a place like that.


Transworld - February 1991 Volume 9 Number 2


AndyB said...

Haha, I'm pretty much the same way when it comes to new videos/mags. I usually look at the name first before the part or pic nowadays. But there is definately mega rippage going on. It's just hard for me to look past the whole "fashion" craze. I cringed when seeing Hosoi wearing biker shorts and I'm gonna cringe now when I see Johnny whomever wearing tighter pants than my girlfriend.

Riky ruled man. I was hoping to see some video footy of him on that extra Black Label promo vid but to no avail. I thought Aaron Devine ripped in that vid by the way. Was there ever any footy of Mr. Barnes? I read once on a from that there is a video titled Sacto Street Damage and he has a part skating to old Bad Religion. Anybody hear of that?

Killer site bro!!!!!!!!!

justin said...

I'd like to see some Riky Barnes footage, too. I don't know of any.

The thing that made me notice I was skipping parts was that every am on the team kind of looks the same: scruffy, long hair, well fitted pants and it seemed like they all skated the exact same stuff. I know there are differences, but since I was going through things quickly, it was like didn't I see this already? Also it's not like the old days when you watch videos over and over. I like the Black Label and I'm not intending this as a put down, but it's just an observation. I think the same thing happened with the Fallen video.

Old School Sammy said...

Was looking like Billie Joe Armstrong all the rage back in Riky's day? That board looks pretty killer though, have to admit.