Friday, October 16, 2009

Brian Lotti.

This seemed like the right thing for today.

If I had the choice of seeing Where The Wild Things Are* or going to Spike and Pat's night of skateboard videos** at the MoMA last night, I would pick the skateboard videos hands down. I'm not big on movies. I'm also getting worried about my attention span since I don't watch anything that has a plot these days. It's either sports, skateboard videos or dumb crap on Adult Swim.

* The movie theater in my town just closed down. It could only be closed for remodeling, but the newspaper story didn't sound very promising about the potential for it to reopen. Supposedly WTWTA isn't even playing Jamestown, which is a half hour away. I'm not driving an hour to Buffalo to see a movie. I don't care how good it might be. I don't roll that way.

** Hypothetically factoring in an opportunity to see No Age again is always a plus in my book.

Grant Brittain took the photo.

Transworld - March 1991 Volume 9 Number 3


Keith said...

1 theater in the whole town!? Where the heck you living!!?

Stoked on Lotti. Look at those hands!

I'm probably gonna catch wtwta. Not sure when though.

justin said...

Back to back backside smith grinds.

I live in the not so greater Dunkirk/Fredonia metropolitan area. Roughly an hour south of Buffalo, NY.

The closed theater is a multiplex type deal that has earned the name the Ickiplex. You can see why they would need to remodel or at least clean. There's a very nice opera house that also shows the better art/critically acclaimed movies, but they don't show ongoing current releases. It has been confirmed that Jamestown now has WTWTA. I'm still not driving there for that.

Old School Sammy said...

It's GOTTA stink to live in an area where you can't buy a bootleg of a new movie you might want to skip the theater experience and expense on, two days BEFORE it hits the theater---lol!

Jacob said...

Brian Lotti invented the Bigspin. I forgot who it was that told him to name it Lotti-ry, but he thought it was lame & named it the Bigspin because that was the name of the lottery at the time.

smorales said...

Lotti is awesome. Apparently there is an ad for the event that says "When else are you gonna see Fucktards at the MOMA". Probably the most appealing advert I've heard of.

Chris N said...


Chris N said...

I had dat board, it was slick and shit :-)