Friday, October 30, 2009

Ross Goodman.

I'm sure you can make the connection between gravedigger Ross and the fact that it is Halloween. Not as clever as what Chromeball had today, but I'm happy with it.

This interview is from a 1990 Transworld feature on new pros that included Mike Conroy, Ed Templeton, Tom Boyle, Omar Hassan, Jeremy Klein and Ron Chatman. I'm pretty sure they just gave a set of questions to everybody at a contest and had them write down their answers. Some of the questions are pure Transworld. Ross had the best answers.

1. How old are you, where are you from, and when did you start skating?

I'm old enough to legally buy anything sold in the United States. Sacramento, California. A mere six years and it shows.

2. Do you feel that you are a good all-around skateboarder or do you excel in one type of riding?

I ride vert, but I've been known to bust out no complys, over curbs, wearing Doc Martens. Of course, I intend to take the next street event, fully sponsored by Doc Marten. I usually skate at the San Jose warehouse and the curbs in front of Mr. A's Porno Shop.

3. What is your reason for turning pro, and does it intimidate you to skate against the pros whom you have looked up to for many years?

To get chicks, of course! No, I intend on taking them out like a bad disease when my leg heals. I skate with pros every day, so I'm used to/bored with it.

4. Who are some of the pros you look up to and why?

Kendall, Schroeder, Bod and Losi. They all rip and hold their liquor well.

5. How important is competition to you?

Not that important., Well, kind of actually. All right, it's my life!

6. What kind of goals have you set for your skateboarding in 1990?


7. How will being pro affect your lifestyle?

It won't; I'm easy to please. That's obvious, isn't it?

8. When you told your parents about your becoming a professional skateboarder, how did they react?

I phoned, them, told them, and then the line went dead. They, too, are easy to please, so they don't care.

9. Are you enrolled in high school or any other type of institutional learning facility?

Why, yes. I'm enrolled at the Sequoia Institute of Truck Driving. When I'm old, I intend to become a trucker, so I can listen to Johnny Cash and the Vandals all day.

10. How often do you skate, and on the average how often do you come up with a new trick of variation of an old one?

Four times a week. I learn tricks about as much as the next guy, but I'm no Tony Way or Danny Hawk. I'll see people.

11. Is there anything you would like to tell our readers to help them understand what it takes to become a professional skateboarder?

Just stay away from Captain Morgan.


For the ad: Transworld - May 1991 Volume 9 Number 5

For the quotes: Transworld - August 1990 Volume 8 Number 8


AndyB said...

Now this is the fuckin' dude right here. Now I know he had thrashed his leg/ankle or knee and that he stopped skating. BUT does anybody know if he still skates? Man, I hope so. He ripped hard. Only thing I ever heard of him was he became a full on blue collar worker guy. Nothing wrong with that. Drop some facts somebody.

Justin said...

I second that motion.

I was hoping somebody would post a follow up with current information. Ross didn't get a lot of coverage or ads. He seems like an interesting character, too.

smorales said...

awesomeeee interview. who knew skateboarders could be funny?