Monday, October 26, 2009

Mike Vallely.

I always liked this photo. I had the board he was riding and I liked the shape of it much more than his Powell Peralta board with the elephant. As for Mike, I honestly don't know anymore. So much of the stuff that he does these days makes me cringe, but he still has his moments that are worthwhile, such as his footage shredding at the Berrics.

O photo.

Transworld - August 1990 Volume 8 Number 8


El Clavo said...

Mike Vallely = 100% butthole

Old School Sammy said...

That ad is totally killer---the shot is great, the composition of the design is awesome--and those wheels look amazing too---hell, I'd buy those NOW if I saw that ad these days!

Old School Sammy said...

Oh--and anyone who really thinks of Mike V as 100 Percent butthole---is actually a butthole themselves and needs to get a new mirror. Mike may not be Mr. Perfect, but who of us ANYWHERE are? He is always 100% skater and that speaks volumes some tool calling him a butthole can obviously never comprehend.

Bask in your Keyboard Courage anonymity El Clavo, you king-sized coward.

justin said...

There is no anonymity. I know who El Clavo is.

The thing about Mike is that he had that run of great skating which endeared himself to everybody at the time. I think it is why people still want to like him and give him a chance even after there are so many things he does that are awkward at best. Any one or two of these things could be overlooked as bad decisions or opportunities that a little skateboard fame has put him in the place to do. If I had the chance to be in a big time Hollywood movie for a bit part, I would probably do it. And I don't like movies. But when you put together his full body of work, good and bad, especially over the last ten years or so, it doesn't look good. So for every little positive he does, like doing demos in forgotten corners of the US or making sure the kid who needs the new board the most gets it at a demo, there are the larger negatives - ie. the fight videos and bad poetry. I can give him a pass on the poetry, but not the fighting.

El Clavo said...

Justin Goetz = 100% correct
El Clavo = Stephen D. Karnes

(720) 375-1336
3716 SE 14th Ave
Portland, OR 97202

El Clavo said...

Are you going to come beat me up? Fighting is for buttholes.

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