Friday, November 13, 2009

Mike Vallely #2.

As far as I know this isn't online anywhere, not even the Poweredge website. The interview is from when Mike was still on Powell Peralta, but I want to say that by the time the mag was on the newstand, he had switched to World Industries.

If you want to have some fun, count the number of times Morrissey appears either on Mike or his board.

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The interview is by Christian Kline. The photos are by Christian Kline and Alec Schroeder.

Poweredge - May 1989 Volume 2 Number 4


Keith said...

That was awesome. At his peak.

I remember that issue.

Royce said...

Peak? Bit premature on that one.

Paul Gonella said...

Thanks for this, not seen it before

Esteban™ said...


smorales said...

Sweet. Just saw a segment called Free Lunch with Mike Vallely that made him seem sane and cool again! This post just adds more.

freakbeatfuzz said...

Is he doing a roast beef boneless???