Monday, November 9, 2009

Tom Boyle.

The Rock was another of those East Coast vert powerhouses from the early 1990s. He rode for H - Street and New School/Arsenal. I think he might have been on World Industries for a minute because there is a World sticker on his board. Tom had a pro shoe on Vans in the mid to late 1990s.

Thrasher - November 1990 Volume 10 Number 11


Old School Sammy said...

"for a minute" nearly as lame a saying as "Whatever"

Neither make sense or show respect to those you're talking to---I hate to be a killjoy there, but damn I hate those two sayings/phrases.

Paul Gonella said...

Tom Boyle had the original 'hidden' video part, at the end of Rubbish Heap. I think it was hidden because Mullen wanted Tom Boyle on the team but had to hide it from Rocco as Rocco didn't want any vert skaters on World.

Justin said...

I didn't know he had a bonus part in Rubbish Heap. That fully justifies the minute claim then.

I wanted to dig up a couple of old interviews with Tom for background, but I ran out of time over the weekend. The only reason I was thinking about the Rock was because Ed had an old photo of him on the Toy Machine website recently.

It's how it goes for writing captions. Sometimes you get a great one, most times it describes what is going on without much excitement and other times they suck. At least I spelled everything right. I think.

Stephen said...

Old School Sammy said...
"Neither make sense or show respect to those you're talking to"

huh? seriously??? how is saying 'for a minute' disrespectful!? whatever... hahaha