Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuan Nguyen.

Suicide bolts and H - Street griptape art.

The photos are by O.

Transworld - May 1990 Volume 8 Number 5


Keith said...


I never saw a skater in real life rocking that inverted bolt thing back in the late 80's/early 90's. Guess that trend never made it to the Capital of Canada!

Justin said...

Suicide bolts never made it to upstate New York either. I don't think I knew what they were called until that Jason Dill interview in Big Brother about the worst things in skateboarding.

I'm glad we didn't have the internet back then.

Anonymous said...

Suicide bolts definitely made it to upstate New York.

A few of us in Castleton rode them for a while, and I know Jeff Toma (who had the tallest ollies in the Albany area at the time) rode them for a while.

They were especially great with canvas Chuck Taylors.

justin said...

I knew when I typed in upstate New York, somebody was going to say they used suicide bolts in the Empire State. I don't think they made it to Western New York/Buffalo area, which is what I should have said.

That sounds like the most painful combo ever.

Anonymous said...

Suicide bolts were def in Buffalo.

Anonymous said...

So is Toan Nguyen and Tuan Nguyen the same dude? If so, why does he spell his name 2 different ways and his sponsors too?

Justin said...

Tuan and Toan are different people. One was on Sims in the early 1990s and the other was on Shorty's in the early 2000's.

As for spellings, skateboard companies are occasionally terrible at that sort of thing.