Friday, April 8, 2011

Joel Price.

"My 17 year old ollie photo won’t have a photo blog credit associated with it because it was shot before blogs were invented. Back then people just talked to each other. It was a weird time." - Michael Sieben

That has nothing to do with Joel's back tail. I just like the quote. I like the photo, too.

I watched Toy Machine's Brainwash again last night. That's a nice video. I like Dan Lutheran's style. There's also a TM tour article written by Michael Burnett in the new issue of Thrasher, which is my formula for a great issue of the mag. As an added bonus, Sieben breaks down skateboard nostalgia.

The Chrome Ball Incident kept it Real all week long and nothing went horribly wrong like those skits on Dave Chappelle. Great work, Chops. I'm looking forward to seeing the Real video.

One more week of 1997 and then it's either onto 1998 or something different.

Slap - November 1997 Volume 6 Number 11


Sean said...

santa rosa og

Anonymous said...

thinks team in the mid 90's was the shit!, its getting better as of late their adds have been superb. got any more Shao from this era??

Anonymous said...

that spot looks perfect

Anonymous said...

I thought Daniel Lutheran's style kinda looked like Lizard King upon first glance.

As for Joel Price, I may be confusing him with someone else, but is he a photographer now? I watched the eS North American Summer Tour DVD (2008). And there is a photographer named Joel Price on tour with them. But this guy has the typical photographer/filmer physique: overweight at about 230lbs, with toothpick legs and a big belly. If it's the sane guy, wow he packed on the pounds.

Sean said...

I think the photographer is Matt Price. He's from Arizona.