Friday, April 22, 2011

Steve Olson #3.

Making it a great Friday with the Funky Monk rocking some blue Kastels and a big crooked grind.

My friend had a pair of the Ricky Oyola pro model from Kastel. They looked tight and were all synthetic, which mattered to my friend since he is vegan. I had a pair of the Mercury team model. They were big and clunky space boots. I never got them broken in. They might have been a little too small for my feet as well. I gave the shoes to another friend and he was stoked on them.

The excellent Chrome Ball Incident turned three years old this week and has a selection of classics hand picked by Michael Sieben for today. Keep up the good work, Chops.

I actually rolled away smoothly from a couple of frontside boardslides to fakie last night. I don't think I had ever tried or done that trick before. I've been working on my frontside sliders on the old flat bar and they really are nothing to brag about, but it feels good to land a new trick.

The photo is by Joe Picciolo.

Slap - July 1998 Volume 7 Number 7


Skately said...

I worked for Kastel (or Kantsell as we called it) around the time this shoe dropped. The thing weighed a ton and had all those weird triangles everywhere upon Steve's request.

I remember being blown away after seeing Steve's personal sample pile, everything was electric blue, safety orange, army greens, etc. Dude was a total trip, but in a good way.

The photo is by Joe Picciolo.

Justin said...

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

I was actually kind of stoked on some of Kastel's work. The Oyolas were super nice (no break-in period as I remember) and the Bertinos with that rubber side panel were sick. However, the Rawls with that air pocket had out soles that would not bend. Sick looking however. All memories nevertheless. These Olson shoes were tragic- looking. I remember seeing a shamrock-green pair for like 10$ at a skateshop a few years back. Whatever happened to Steve Olson anyhow?

justin said...

Whatever happened to Steve Olson is the $64,000 question. Nobody knows.

The Oyola's were nice, which is what made me want to try out Kastel. I didn't want to get the same shoes as my friend because of some old habit we had of never getting the same thing as somebody else.