Friday, April 1, 2011

Josh Kasper.

"Josh Kasper cross-trains for the big gaps by jumping off the roof, hoping to make a big splash on the scene with his balls-out maneuvers."

I couldn't find the Gonz pic I wanted and the Vans ad announcing the debut of Simon Woodstock's pro model was maybe just barely stepping outside the boundaries of good taste, so a Benihana into a pool is about right for April Fools' Day.

Michael Burnett risked water damage to his camera to get this photo.

Thrasher - November 1997 Volume 17 Number 11


Anonymous said...

In the Kasper photo who is the guy in the background?

What Gonz photo were you looking for?

And what was that woodstock ad something, like doctors office or something?

justin said...

1. No idea. I thought it might be Ronnie Creager, but I doubt it. I was thinking of emailing Michael, but never did.

2. The Real ad where Gonz is kicking a street sign. I thought it was a 1997, but it might be before or after that. I swear I saw it when I was flipping through Thrasher when I started doing stuff from 97.

3. It was a typical birth scene with a couple of doctors and Simon as both the mom and dad. Not too gross, kind of bland actually.